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Honey of Garfagnana

Is a food bees produced from the nectar of plants. Different plants give different nectars and these generate the great varieties of honey: aciacia trees, chestnut trees, heather plants, linden trees, etc. But the territory in which the plants grow is also an important factor, and this is what gives the Garfagnana honey its particular taste.

We decided to produce our honey in Vagli Sotto in the Regional Park of the Apuane Alps. Here, the bees gather the nectar from plants and flowers that grow in a protected area, away from pollution. The honey doesn't undergo any workmanship, it is simply extracted from the wax honeycombs built by the bees, and then placed in jars. We collect two varieties of honey deriving from Garfagnana's principal blooms, those of the acacia and chestnut trees.

Acacia Honey Flowers:
The acacia honey has a light color, very delicate aroma and taste, which make it easily chosen by children too. Thanks to its high fructose content it is ideal to use as a natural sweetener. It can be eaten as-is, or combined with toasted bread for a healthy breakfast.

Chestnut Honey Flowers:
Chestnut Honey has an amber color, intense aroma and taste, appreciated by those preferring a distinct taste. Rich in glucose, it has the tendency to crystallize, without however losing its own characteristics. In addition to being a sweetener, it can be eaten as-is or combined with a fresh cheese such as ricotta, or a seasoned cheese such as pecorino

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