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Campocatino e l'Eremo di San Viano

Campocatino is located in the municipal district of Vagli Sotto at a height of about 1000 meters; made up of a huge prairie originated from an ancient glacial basin. It is an enchanting place among the most beautiful of those of the Apuan mountains, at the feet of Mount Roccandagia: there is a little church at the top and a few dozens of stone houses once used as shelters for shepherds. From 1991 this marvelous corner of Garfagnana has become the "Natural Oasis of the LIPU" considering the numerous species of birds that live here.

Reaching Campocatino is simple, actually, it is only a few km from the village of Vagli Sotto, and is reachable by car; there is even a parking lot at the beginning of the trail where you can leave your and start the hike. Hiking only some hundred meters, we find ourselves at a fountain: in front of us the prairie and the stately wall of Roccandagia. From here we take path CAI n°147 and begin our walk toward Eremo of St. Viano. Going on for about 20 minutes, crossing a woods of chestnut and beech trees, we reach a terrace at the valley of Arnetola: from here an astonishing panorama with a view of the Sella, Tambura and Sumbra mountains. We stop here in contemplation!

Now the most difficult part begins, the path starts to slope considerably, we have to step up our attention due to the foliage and stones that make the path slippery. After about 20 minutes we find ourselves facing a vertical wall: we lift our heads and catch sight of the ancient Hermitage et in the cliff!

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