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Come arrivare in Garfagnana

By Car

The Garfagnana is crossed entirely from the regional road SR 445 which allows a south exit toward Lucca and a north exit toward Aulla and the Lunigiana.
The SR 445 represents the backbone of the Garfagnana road network, where other connecting streets branch out:
- Going east, crossing the "Appennino Tosco-Emiliano," you can reach Reggio Emilia by taking the "Passo delle Pradarena," or Modena by taking the "Passo delle Radici".
- Going west, taking the provincial road of Valdarni, crossing the Apuan Alps, will take you to Massa, Forte dei Marmi and the Versilia.  

By Train

The Lucca - Aulla railway line crosses the entire Garfagnana area, providing a fast connection between the Lucchesia and the Lunigiana.
The train in Garfagnana is primarily used by commuters and students to reach Lucca and Pisa. Train is not commonly used for tourism due to the fact that the eight train stations of the Garfagnana are located near town centers, but far from the other touristy destinations, often situated in isolated places or in the mountains. To avoid this problem you can mix trains with busses which reach the more isolated places; alternatively, bicycle lovers, carrying their bikes with them on the train, can stop at various stations to explore the surrounding zones.
The train can instead be considered a good means of transportation for the tourist that is already in Garfagnana but wants to take a day trip, leaving in the morning and returning in the evening, to Tuscany's most important art cities: Lucca, Pisa and Florence.


From Castelnuovo to the centre of Lucca takes only 50 minutes, and 7 Euro for a round trip. There is a train approximately every hour, from 05.30 until 21.40.



For more informations:

- Trenitalia

- CLAP autobus per Lucca e Garfagnana

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