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Orecchiella Natural Park

The Orecchiella Park is found on Garfagnana's Apennine slope and is located between the municipal districts of of f Piazza al Serchio, San Romano, Sillano and Villa Collemandina. It is an area protected by the State Forest Protection Corps (Corpo Forestale dello Stato) made up of imposing forests of beech trees, chestnut trees and firs trees and still today populated by numerous species of wildlife, such as the Apennine wolf, bucks, moufflons and wild boars. Its skies are dominated by various birds of prey: the hawk and the royal eagle.
There are numerous alternatives to reach this place. We suggest the simpler: from the village of Villa Collemandina continue toward Corfino and from there to the Orecchiella, about 7 km away. The route is covered in about 30 minutes by car passing though exceptionally beautiful zones with breath-taking panoramas that are only a prelude of what you will find once in the Park.
The Park occupies a vast area with paths that present different levels of difficulty: we recommend an itinerary that is enjoyable by everybody and particularly interesting for children. Having reached the visitor's center, follow the path that leads to the "mountain flower garden", where you can walk among bejeweled plant life. Passing through a small woods of pine trees, you reach some fenced areas where some animals such as deer, forcelli roosters and brown bears are housed and protected. The course ends up once again at the visitor's center.

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