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Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

Castelnuovo is the capital and the heart of the Garfagnana. Easily reachable both from Lucca and Versilia both around 45 km away, it is among the principal tourist attractions of the valley. Rich in historical monuments and business activities it is a fundamental stop for visitors wanting to spend a vacation or even just a day in Garfagnana.
Piazza Umberto I, dominated by the Ariostesca Fortress, makes up the center of the village. Lots of streets and lanes branch out from here, all full of commercial activities of every kind, and one of these streets leads to the historical center, where some important monuments such as the Cathedral of St. Pietro, the Ariostesca Fortress and the Town Hall are situated. Just outside the center, in the suburb of Santa Lucia, is the Alfieri Theater: completed in 1860, it is one of the most important theaters of Tuscany and it today re-opened after a long period of being closed.
About 2 km from the center is the Mount Alfonso Fortress, an ancient Estense fortress built in the late 1500s to protect the borders of the Ducato di Ferrara (Ferrara Dukedom) which is deserving of a visit. Owned by the Province of Lucca, which had it restructured, it represents a historical monument of primary importance.

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