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Monte Pisanino

Pisanino is the tallest peak of the Apuan district, located in the extreme north of Garfagnana in the proximity of the border with Lunigiana in the commune of Minucciano. To the path to reach the top starts at the Donegani refuge, about 5 km from the village of Gramolazzo, which is reachable by car. From there, following path CAI n.178 plunged in a woods dense with beech trees takes you to the mouth of the river Cardeto, distinguished by the presence of huge boulders. About an hour further down the Blue CAI path, you find the foot of the shaggy and grassy Canale delle Rose. It must be climbed carefully due to its notable incline. Having surpassed this final obstacle, you find the ridge and soon thereafter the peak which dominates all the tops of the Apuan Alps.

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