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Vagli Sotto

Vagli Sotto located at the feet of the Apuan peaks of Tambura, Sumbra and Roccandagia is characterized by the presence of the greatest artificial lake in Tuscany, known for the fact that its depths contain the "Ghost Village" of Fabbriche di Careggine.
Fractions of Vagli Sotto, Vagli Sopra and Roggio are a few of the towns that offer visitors the possibility of excursions with astonishing panoramas and nature displays such as red sunsets and fantastic dawns.
Numerous are the attractions for the tourists that love nature, love to walk and love splendid panoramas: the Tambura, Sumbra and Roccandagia mountains, the natural LIPU (Bird Protection League) oasis of Campocatino, the marble quarries, the old village Vagli Sotto with its typical stone houses, the splendid Romanesque church of St. Augustine and the fantastic lake that contains the famous "Submerged Village".

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