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Mountains of Garfagnana

The most beautiful mountains of the Garfagnana

There are many trekking buffs and mountain lovers that come to Garfagnana to climb or simply to admire the peaks of our planet, especially those of the Apuan slopes. Going from north to south, we find Mount Pisanino, surrounded by the peaks of Pizzo d'Uccello, Mount Grondilice and Mount Roccandagia. Heading further south we catch sight of the Tambura, Alto Sella, Mount Sumbra and Mount Altissimo that borders the group of the Panie and the Corchia mountains.

Monte Pisanino

Pisanino is the tallest peak of the Apuan district, located in the extreme north of Garfagnana in the proximity of the border with Lunigiana in the commune of Minucciano. To the path to reach the top starts at the Donegani refuge, about 5 km from the village of Gramolazzo, which is reachable by car. From there, following path CAI n.178 plunged in a woods dense with beech trees takes you to the mouth of the river Cardeto, distinguished by the presence of huge boulders.

Forato Mountain

Monte Forato is a peak that strangely captivates not only by its height, but by the particularity which characterizes it: near to its top there is a natural arc, about 32 meters in diameter, created throughout the centuries by wind and water erosion, visible both from the Garfagnana side as well as from the Versilia side. It offers a unique view of the Tirrenian coast and of the Panie group of mountains.

Pania della Croce

The Pania della Croce is considered the queen of the Apuan and is certainly a must-see for mountain lovers. The most used path to the top is the one that leaves from Piglionico, located in the town of Molazzana: from a height of 1150 meters crossing a woods of beech trees along path CAI n.7 that leads, after a hike of about an hour and thirty minutes, to the Rossi refuge.

Monte Sumbra

The Sumbra seen from the Garfagnana slope, and from the villages of Careggine and Vagli, appears imposing with a long ridge that gently reaches the summit. It is a very beautiful mountain located on the border of Garfagnana and Alta Versilia.

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