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Garfagnana's Villages

Vagli Sotto

Vagli Sotto located at the feet of the Apuan peaks of Tambura, Sumbra and Roccandagia is characterized by the presence of the greatest artificial lake in Tuscany, known for the fact that its depths contain the "Ghost Village" of Fabbriche di Careggine.
Fractions of Vagli Sotto, Vagli Sopra and Roggio are a few of the towns that offer visitors the possibility of excursions with astonishing panoramas and nature displays such as red sunsets and fantastic dawns.


Vergemoli is at the eastern feet of the Pania della Croce, Mount Forato and Pania Secca, it is one of the most beautiful corners of the Garfagnana area.


Rich in history and in medieval origins, Camporgiano houses at the center of the village, an ancient fortress built upon a steep cliff which falls to the Serchio river and which dominates the valley.


Gallicano is the first village come upon arriving from Lucca. Active in artisan crafts and industry, it has numerous stores and a shopping center.

Piazza al Serchio

Piazza emerges at the junction of the two branches of the Serchio river. Noted particulars of the landscape are the "doglioni", ancient volcanic rocks that surface from the riverbed at the entrance of the entrance.

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